Baca Z

Commercial Team Construction assisted with site selection and design for the amazing BACA. (Behavior Analysis Center for Autism)

The BACA Z facility design is based on what BACA discovered in providing center based therapy for several years. The center is full of light and open areas and includes individual therapy rooms, group therapy rooms, a large lunch room, motor room with occupational therapy equipment, client computer areas, the Geof Mohs Memorial Garden, functional living area with washer and dryer and a restroom for training shower skills. BACA Z offers outings to develop functional living skills. BACA Z is designed to serve all ages (2-20+) in one location. The facility also houses a Sprouts program and the BACA Atlas clinic. NET, OT and speech are offered at this location” This project was built with heart and great purpose that commercial team construction takes great pride in being apart of.

Owner: BACA Z
Total Square Footage: 15,000
Size and Height: Single Story
Structure type: Wood and Brick
Location: Whitestown, In