Located in the heart of  “Lawrence Village At The Fort”  stands a beautiful new facility owned by Bloomerang.

This facility was built by Commercial Team Construction in 2015. The traditional brick exterior combined with a modern & contemporary interior blend very well for a unique addition to the historical community. The fresh new facility is certain to become a  landmark of the fort for many years to come. The Bloomerang Company calls much of this large 20,000 sqft. multi-office facility their home.  Bloomerang is a local software business which helps nonprofit organizations . This project was made possible through community dedication and partnership including; the “Fort Harrison Reuse Authority”, the City of Lawrence, owners and developers of” Hawkins & Post”, The Bloomerang Company as well as the entire Commercial Team Construction team.

Owner: Bloomerang and Company
Total Square Footage: 20,000 sqft.
Size and Height: Three Story  Office Build Out
Structure type: Brick and Steel
Location: Fort Harrison Historic District  “Lawrence Village at the Fort”