Hamilton County Sports Complex

Commercial Team Construction assisted with a full building design and buildout of the Hamilton county Sports Complex and this is what the complex has to offer the community.

The Hamilton County Sports Complex is Hamilton County’s premier destination for family fun and quality sports instruction. From preschoolers to adults, this facility provides a variety of activities for families in the 64,000 sqft. indoor facility. Our goal is to encourage the community to exercise, socialize and develop athletic skills in a safe, friendly environment. A World Championship instructing Karate Sensei, an NBA champion, a PGA Tour credentialed golf coach, a Certified performance baseball pitching coach and MLB players and a National Level Rhythmic Gymnast are just a few of the hight level coaches and instructors working at the Hamilton County Sports Complex. Fun learning environments, a family friendly atmosphere and a plethora of choices make this the ideal spot for your family to participate in the activity of your choice.

Owner: Hamilton County Sports Complex
Total Square Footage: 60,000
Size and Height: Two Story structure with 28” ceiling heights
Structure type: Precast
Location: Noblesville, IN