Nucor Building Systems

Commercial Team Construction, Nucor Building Systems Authorized Builder

Commercial Team Construction is proud to be an authorized Nucor Building Systems Builder. Nucor Building Systems, a division of Nucor Corporation, has been a leader in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered metal building systems for more than three decades.

By partnering with Nucor Building Systems, Commercial Team Construction is able to offer our customers a wide array of building solutions that are custom designed to your specific needs, yet cost-effective, efficient, and faster to erect. Plus, Nucor Buildings Systems products are proudly made in the USA from steel that is over 70% recycled so you can feel good about your choice to use a Nucor metal building.
As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and certified by the International Accreditation Service, Nucor Building Systems’ manufacturing and engineering policies, practices, and procedures are audited annually. The IAS AC472 accreditation process reviews raw materials, design specifications, software, building code compliance, and quality control procedures. The process assures the structural integrity and quality of our Nucor metal building systems.
Commercial Team Construction is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, and that’s why we use Nucor Building Systems. For more information on Nucor Building Systems, visit

Nucor Steel, Nucor Strength

Nucor Building Systems is backed by the strength of the Nucor Corporation, a name synonymous with American steel. Ranked in the top third of the Fortune 500 list, Nucor is the largest producer – and recycler – of steel products in North America, with over 200 operating facilities located throughout the United States and Canada. An annual production capacity that exceeds 27 million tons provides Nucor Building Systems with a steady, reliable supply of raw steel – which keeps our production floor and delivery trucks rolling, and your building project on time.

The Benefits of Metal Buildings:

Nucor Building Systems’ custom engineered steel buildings offer many clear advantages compared to conventional structures:

Cost Effective
Increased Longevity, Minimal Maintenance: Metal buildings are extremely durable, with a longer lifespan than wood structures. Steel is also resistant to corrosion, mold and termites.
Reduced Freight Costs: With four full-service plants strategically located throughout the United States, NBS is able to offer building solutions to customers nationwide.

Fast and Efficient
Faster Construction Time: Nucor metal buildings are designed by professional engineers using the industry’s most advanced technology. Our computer designed means lower “in place costs” as well as quicker occupancy of the building.
Easy to Erect: Our buildings are engineered to go up fast, easing your construction budget concerns.
Reduced Design Time: With NBS you benefit from a systematic method that optimizes and greatly reduces the time to design, produce, and fabricate your metal building.

Custom Engineered
Solutions That Work: Every Nucor metal building system is custom-designed using the latest in design technology to meet your unique needs. Our product is your solution!

Flexible and Versatile
Wide-Range of Applications: A Nucor steel building meets a wide-range of applications from industrial and commercial, to custom buildings for the agricultural, community, and retail industries.
Architectural Flexibility: To beautifully finish a Nucor metal building, there are numerous design options and exterior siding, roofing and trim colors available. Treatments such as brick, stucco or wainscoting may also be used.
Ease of Expansion: When more space is needed, metal walls and framework built into every metal building system are simple to remove for easy additions to existing metal buildings.

Environmentally Friendly
A Nucor steel building contains over 70% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.
Energy-Efficient: A Nucor building is adaptable to a number of energy efficient insulation systems, including our cool-coated insulated metal panels, which can reduce energy costs. A low profile roofline can also eliminate unnecessary head room to heat and cool.
Qualify for LEED Points: Using a Nucor metal building system offers an opportunity to capitalize on earning LEED points right from the start.